In Review: Kick Ass #2

Patience learns the virtue of being Kick-Ass

Synopsis: Patience returns from combat to find her husband gone and her neighborhood in ruin. By day, she waits tables and goes to college. By night, she pulls on a mask and becomes Kick-Ass—serving justice to local scumbags and taking a cut of their cash. With every bust, her list of enemies gets longer, and the city’s worst criminals are out for her blood.

Review: Picking up from where issue one left off. Patience has just finished her first mission as Kick-Ass but is not making it a regular thing. At least not to begin with. Instead, she tries to live a normal life but soon discovers that normal is not her thing.

This second issue sees Patience plan out her second mission, but also make a new friend along the way.

This second issue sees Patience having to decide whether or not she should continue with the vigilante antics. Decide whether or not she is to be a superhero or just a part-time vigilante.  The internal dialogue Patience has with herself while trying to decide is a highlight of this issue and makes her more relatable as a character. In fact, Patiance could well be a real person given how believable Millar’s writing makes her.

As for the artwork. All I can say is this. As a fan of John Romita Jr’s line work. I have a tough time being objective and this issue is packed with some fantastic panels, which feature superlative art from Romita. I particularly enjoyed the last few pages of this issue, which represent a pretty big turning point in Patience’s journey into becoming the new Kick-Ass.

Overall. This is another brilliant issue with a lot of great moments and nice story beats. As stated above. The internal dialogue that Patience has in order to justify her actions is fantastic. I look forward to seeing where this goes in next months third issue.

Kick-Ass #2 will hit comic book stores on Wednesday and it is well worth picking up.

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