In Review: KICK-ASS #18

Kick-Ass faces Rosa the assassin in this violent story arc climax.

Synopsis: Kick-Ass faces Rosa the assassin in this violent story arc climax. But is Patience too deep inside the criminal underworld to escape?

Review: Steve Niles brings his Kick-Ass story to a close with a battle royale of action.

The Story

Having seen off the Russian mob and various Cartels. Kick-Ass has a bit of unfinished business in the form of Rosa. She also has to deal with her Brother In Law who is getting greedier and greedier for the drugs money that Patience has collected and redistributed. Thankfully she can count on a few friends to help in the coming battle as the struggle continues to balance her two lives.


For this final issue, Marcelo Frusin leaves everything on the pages as he produces the battle to end them all as we see Kick-Ass take on Rosa.  The fight is magnificently drawn and runs for pretty much 6 pages starting on page 15. We see a variety of kicks, punches, sword slashes and a little bit of gunplay. And it gets rather gruesome as the fight comes to close with Kick-Ass making a strong and sharp point.

Some of the build-up to the fight where we see Patience living her normal life is also pretty well done. But it is the battle between the two female combatants, which is this issue selling point. And if you are looking for a reason to keep reading Kick-Ass there is a nice surprise on the final page.


This final issue was really about tying up some of the loose ends. Rosa being a pretty big loose end given that she is just as dangerous as Kick-Ass.

Steve Niles gave us an epic final issue here and sets up things for issue in fine style. I am betting that the fans will go totally nuts when they read this issue. Especially when they get to the final couple of pages. It’s totally worth it. Trust us.

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