In Review: Kick-Ass #17

Kick-Ass leads her army in a war against the Russians, making a final stand to drive them out of the city.

Synopsis: Kick-Ass leads her army in a war against the Russians, making a final stand to drive them out of the city. Yet behind the Russians lurks the bloodthirsty assassin Rosa, who’s ready to add Patience’s pretty head to her trophy collection.

Review: Things get proper bloody in this latest issue of Kick-Ass.

The Story

Having lost much of her territory to the Russian Mob in prior issues. Patience is under pressure to take everything back and is set to do so, but outside pressure from Brother in Law Maurice who is blackmailing her is not being helpful.

Under her guise as Kick-Ass Patience with the help of her new army set plans into motion and deal with the Russian’s, but there is more to worry about than the Russian Mob. Such as the Bloodthirsty assassin Rosa, who is stalking her prey.

The Artwork

This months issue sees Marcelo Frusin take the action to a Strip club where the heads of the Russian Mob are having themselves a good time, but good times tend not to last. The shoot out in the Strip join is pretty well drawn and I loved the shocked facial expressions of the two mob bosses when they realized that Kick-Ass had pretty much got them to rights.

I also enjoyed the panels that dealt with Maurice and his continuing efforts to squeeze Patience in exchange for his silence. The exasperated look on her face as she turns to leave the hospital says it all.


Steve Niles continues to hold my interest in this story. I particularly like the character of Rosa and I am hoping that she will not get killed outright when she eventually does come to blows with Kick-Ass because the way she has been set up as another nemesis for patience to deal with has me wondering if she could be a possible recurring character. I’d love to see Rosa’s backstory and find that she is similar to Kick-Ass, but basically doing what she is for selfish reasons.

Overall. Kick-Ass #17 is another fun-filled and edgy chapter of what has been a fantastic story arc thus far.

Kick-Ass #17
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