In Review: KICK-ASS #16

Kick-Ass must now fend off new Mexican enemies and contend with pressure from the Russians

Synopsis: The cartels are closing in. Kick-Ass must now fend off new Mexican enemies and contend with pressure from the Russians and her brother-in-law Maurice. The violence escalates as Patience starts to lose control of the empire she’s built.

Review: Steve Niles takes his story forward as he escalates the plot to put the heroic Patience more on the defensive.

The Story

Picking up from the last issue. Kick-Ass has seemingly met her match in the form of a female Assasin from South of the Border, who has been hired by the Cartels. The two duke it out to get the measure of each other and Kick-Ass just about wins round one.

As she returns to her base of operations. Kick-Ass is carrying some fairly serious injuries and is having to think about moving to a new base of operations.

Elsewhere the Cartel’s and the Russians have a meeting to discuss their mutual problem.


Marcelo Frusin gets to do a lot of great action beats in this issue, but the best ones are in the opening few pages of the issue. The fight between Kick-Ass and the Mexican Woman who has been sent to kill her is brilliantly drawn. The absolute madness displayed on the Mexican woman’s face when Kick-Ass figures out her sent her is brilliant as are all the facial expressions throughout the fight. There’s a great series of panels on page 7 where Kick-Ass pummels the woman’s face with a series of vicious punches.


A great issue which escalates the situation for Kick-Ass but also introduces us to a new enemy in the form of this Mexican Assasin. I’d actually love to see a comic book about her origins given that she could almost be Kick-Ass’s version of Joker with a bit of work.

Given the way this issue ends. I can’t wait for the next one.

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