In Review: KICK-ASS #15

Maurice is tightening his grip on Kick-Ass.

Synopsis: Maurice is tightening his grip on Kick-Ass. He has knowledge that would destroy her empire and her family, and he wants a cut of her blood money. Meanwhile, the Russians are trying to lure her out of hiding to take her empire down once and for all.

Review: This issue reveals that there is a heavy cost when you choose to work with Kick-Ass.

The Story

Kick-Ass and the four women that helped her out in the last issue are becoming a bit of a team, but when the Russian Mob tries to lure Kick-Ass out into the open via various ploys. One of the women tragically loses her life.

Patience continues to struggle to balance her life out as Kick-Ass with her personal life. A matter that is made more complicated by her criminal brother in law Maurice, who is still squeezing her for a cut of the money she has recovered in exchange for his silence.

But who is the mystery woman that has been sent to bury Kick-Ass once and for all?


The art in this issue is fantastic fun. There’s a series of panels on the 6th page in which we see Kick-Ass and her small army of women zip wire into action. Artist Marcelo Frusin is not playing around here. He’s looking to draw us the comic book equivalent of a white knuckle ride and for the most part, he is succeeding.


Steve Niles is obviously setting us up for another killer story arc as he once again leaves us with a cliffhanger that would make even Sylvester Stallone strain.

The artwork throughout this issue is top notch and benefits from a fantastic color wash from Sunny Gho. 

I’m really enjoying the glimpses that we are getting of Patience personal life, but I think it would be cool to perhaps see a little more of that to give a bit more of a sense of what Patience is fighting for.

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