In Review: KICK-ASS #14

New allies emerge from the shadows as Kick-Ass hunts the drug suppliers soiling her neighborhood.

Synopsis: New allies emerge from the shadows as Kick-Ass hunts the drug suppliers soiling her neighborhood. The Russians are cooking up meth in Albuquerque, and Patience is going to tear down their labs one by one.

Review: The latest issue sees Kick-Ass get some help from a few new friends.

The Story

Picking things up from the last issue. Kick-Ass is still on the hunt for the drug suppliers that have invaded her turf. The Russian mob is cooking up Meth and Patience is out to tear them down. But she is also faced with the problem of what to do with all the blood money she has recovered. A problem, which she gets a little help with from some new allies.

Added to all this is the fact that the Russians have hired someone to take Kick-Ass out, which could prove to be easier said than done.


Marcello Frusin’s art continues to impress even though this issue is rather light on the action. We get introduced to a new villain who has a somewhat gruesome habit of conversing with her victims once she has pretty much killed them, which makes sense given that they can no longer answer back. Frusin introduces this villain with a rather gruesome display of four decapitated heads adorning a bar, which you can see on page 23.


A nicely balanced issue, which takes some time to introduce some new characters and adds a somewhat more modern day Robin Hood quality to Kick-Ass by giving her some Merry Women with mad fighting and computer skills.

Steve Niles does a great job of balancing all the character beats and makes time to develop the newer characters while dramatically introducing us to a new villain who could well turn out to be just as much of a badass than Kick-Ass.

I look forward to seeing where all of this winds up taking us.

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