In Review: KICK-ASS #12

Steve Niles gets to rap up his rampage with Kick-Ass as Violencia seeks to get some revenge on the person that put him away.

Synopsis: It’s time. This arc’s bloody climax sees Kick-Ass face off against Violencia—the monster who’s trained for months to destroy her. Patience takes a ferocious last stand against Santos and his gangs.

Review: Steve Niles gets to rap up his rampage with Kick-Ass as Violencia seeks to get some revenge on the person that put him away.

The Story

Kick-Ass’s mission to clean up the city concludes as she has to take on a vengeful Violencia who has a huge advantage as well as put an end to Santos, which is easier said than done.

In her life away from fighting crime. Patience will likely have a lot of questions and soul searching to do in future issues as the costs of living a double life will begin to unravel.

The Artwork

Marcelo Frusin gets a lot to do as he gives us an almighty battle between Kick-Ass and a fully armored Violencia, who looks like he has borrowed one of Juggernaut’s costumes but with a heavier emphasis on maximum carnage.

The battle that ensues sees Kick-Ass having to dodge and weave, but when she takes a hit the depiction of it from the artist is visceral and brutal.


This is a fairly satisfying conclusion to what has been a solid story. I loved how Patience has gone from vigilante crimefighter to a crime boss with a sense of social justice and proper trickle-down economics.  A bit like a modern day Robin Hood. Only robbing the crooks to help the poor.

The issue ends a little bit of a cliffhanger as Patience’s sister’s husband awakes from his coma. The question of whether he will remember his encounter with Kick-Ass and reveal her true identity is most likely being saved for later issues. Which would make sense given that Patience’s former Army friend is also getting suspicious.

Overall. A solid story, with a bit of an anticlimactic ending.

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