In Review: Kick-Ass #11

Kick-Ass is ready to strike, but Santos and Violencia have joined forces to crush her.

Synopsis: Kick-Ass is ready to strike, but Santos and Violencia have joined forces to crush her. The brother-in-law she put in a coma is starting to stir—will he wake up and expose her identity?

Review: Steve Niles amps up the tension as this issue leads Kick-Ass to her goal.

The Story

Having injured her hand in the previous issue. Kick-Ass isn’t on her usual top form, but she is more than able to get information from a few of Santos goons and even gets to take off someone’s hand with a very sharp blade. We like a girl that gets right to the thrust of it.

Having got the information she needs. The location of Santos. Patience has to deal with both the domestic and work life in order to create space in a hectic schedule in order to get time to go after Santos, but with Violencia being out of jail. Could her well thought out plan be about to backfire?

The Artwork

Marcello Frusin’s art for this issue gives us a number of memorable images. One of which is a rather brutally amputated hand, which is so convincing you can almost envisage it twitching after the fact.

By far the most memorable image though is saved for the last page of the issue when we get to see Violencia towering over Kick-Ass. Violencia’s new battle gear is enough to make even Magneto blush.


This is a really strong issue, which ties up a few loose ends and leaves us with a few questions to ponder.

The fact that Patience has been living a double life is definitely beginning to take its toll on her and her children, but most of all. It is beginning to attract some unwelcome questions from her sister.

I can’t wait to see how all of this will play out in next months issue.

Kick-Ass #11
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