In Review: Justice Society of America (2022-) #3

Huntress’s journey to save the Justice Society of America lands her smack dab in the middle of the 1940s at the birth of the team!

Picking up from the last issue. The Huntress witnessed her entire JSA team get murdered and traveled back in time to try and find out who is responsible. Having been to 1945 she now finds herself in 1947 and links up with that era’s JSA Team and learns that the Doctor Fate of that era is the same person that served on her team in the future. Only this is a much less experienced version of him. Having figured out that the killer is the Nazi Scientist Degation. The Huntress now must work to insure the safety of the JSA through time. But how can she go about this task without revealing too much about their futures to them?


The Artwork

Jerry Ordway and Scott Kolins continue to produce some great visuals for this book. I really liked the opening few panels that show us a group of soldiers who are going after Nazis and looking to save a group of villagers from Degation’s experiments. The art for when Degation is thrown two years into the future from 1945 to 1947 is really good. I loved the visual of seeing Degation’s skeleton when he is zapped by electricity from his scientific creation.

Overall. The art continues to give us a feel for the golden age visuals but uses modern techniques and materials to do so.



Geoff Johns continues to weave an interesting time travel story that feels very much in keeping with the spirit of the Justice Society of America. I loved all the discussion between the various JSA members when they are told that The Huntress is Batman and Catwoman’s daughter. I also enjoyed the idea of seeing a Doctor Fate who is still getting to grips with what the helmet can do.

Overall. A fun issue with a brilliant cliffhanger ending that will keep everyone guessing until next month.

Justice Society of America (2022-) #3
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