In Review: Justice League – Throne Of Atlantis Soundtrack

The music has a decidedly frontier kind of sound to it and Wiedmann makes fantastic use of his string section

Our good friend Frederic Wiedmann has struck again with the soundtrack for the new DC animated film by Warner Bros ‘Justice League: Throne Of Atlantis’.

The music has a decidedly frontier kind of sound to it and Wiedmann makes fantastic use of his string section with violins, Ethnic Guitars and Cello’s to name but a few of the instruments that my ear was able to pick up on.

I especially enjoyed the use of bells in some of the tracks on this latest soundtrack.

As stated above much of the music composed for this film has an appropriately frontier style of sound to it. Some of which actually put me in mind of some of the music used in the various ‘Star Trek’ series in regards to the style. This seemed somewhat appropriate for many of the Atlantis and underwater scenes from the film given that our oceans in real life haven’t been explored nearly as much as we have explored space.

The music in this collection was performed by the Angel City Studio Orchestra and they did a hell of a job. I listened to this in my bath via my Amazon Kindle and I’m pretty damned sure that I had developed fins by the end of this collection of music.

I have to confess that I wasn’t to keen on much of the more aggressive music in the collection where it was obvious that the characters were locked in battle. I much preferred the more frontier style that made use of the string section and even used some bell sounding instruments, which added a somewhat magical and mysterious quality to the soundtrack.

For me this has to be one of Wiedmann’s best soundtracks to date.

The CD comes with a pretty cool booklet, which shows some nice imagery from the film and gives credit to the various musicians and conductors involved in bringing Frederic Wiedmann’s music to life.

There isn’t really a stand out peice of music on this one for me. Its all fantastic to listen to apart from when you get the more action sounding stuff cutting into your enjoyment of the more melodic frontier style music, but I can’t be too down on that because it is an animated superhero movie, which has to have some action music.

Justice League - Throne Of Atlantis Soundtrack
  • Really great frontier sounds thanks to a fantastic string section
  • Some of the more precusive action music spoiled my enjoyment of the more melodic stuff
  • Music
  • Presentation

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