In Review: Justice League Soundtrack

A chest beating, pulse pounding soundtrack

Review: With ‘Justice League’ getting ready to hit UK Cinema’s later this week. Then it stands to reason that the soundtrack by Danny Elfman would get a release in the same week and as you’d expect. It’s an emotional filled roller coaster ride with a lot of orchestral sounds as well as some more unusual twists.

The collection of music starts off with a somewhat contemporary song, but with a new twist. The song ‘Everybody Knows’, which is a Leonard Cohan tune is given a new makeover by  Sigrid and it’s the perfect precursor to chest-beating opening ‘Justice League’ theme from Elfman.

The 4th tune titled ‘Batman on The Roof’ has absolutely no relation to ‘Fiddler on the Roof’. It is a really nice slow winding and brooding tune, which builds up to what you can only imagine as being a chase. Listen to this with your eyes closed and you can see Batman stalking his prey while also thinking of several ways to get ahead of his target.

Track number six ‘Wonder Woman Rescue’ has an epic feel to it and is one of my favorite tunes in the collection. I love the sense of danger that Elfman manages to convey and really enjoyed how it smoothly transitions into and out of the main Wonder Woman title theme.

The 14th tune ‘The World Needs Superman’ is full of drama and is merely a tease of some of the music that comes later in the collection in which Elfman uses a smidge of the classic John William’s ‘Superman’ score to accentuate his own music. It definitely gives this soundtrack a more hopeful tone.

Overall this is a great collection of music that literally paints a visual picture of the superheroes that the movie is bringing together. It was nice to hear some classic ideas thrown into the mix and it feels very much like a traditional superhero soundtrack that I think most will enjoy.

You can order your own copy of the Justice League’ soundtrack on Amazon. It’s well worth it if you are a lover of soundtracks.

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