In Review: Justice League Dark: Apokolips War

The usual suspects all return to reclaim their respective roles from the first Justice League Dark film. 

Synopsis: After the near-destruction of Earth, the Justice League regroups to take on Darkseid and save the remaining survivors.


The Story

Learning that Darkseid is planning another attack on Earth. Superman and Batman decide to go on the offensive and attack Darkseid’s base of operations. Unfortunately for them. Darkseid is a few steps ahead of them and has learned of their plan and uses the intelligence to near as damn wipe out the entire league, with the exception of a few that he chooses to make his foot soldiers in the coming invasion of Earth. By the time the attack is through. Only a handful of the Justice League escape, but the Earth they escape too is a near shadow of what it used to be.

The story really starts when we see Superman and Raven walk into a bar to find a very grizzled and drunk Constantine and Etrigan drowning their sorrows. Having lost Zatanna during the attack. Constantine has given up on life and is just waiting for the inevitable end to come. Superman who has lost his powers due to being full of liquid Kryptonite is being aided by Ravan who is struggling to keep her father contained within. Superman eventually manages to convince Constantine to help in the fight back and the first port of call is to find Damion Wayne who has gone back to The League of Assassins. Once they get Damion on their side they wind up getting help from Harley Quinn and the Suicide Squad, but will it be enough to defeat Darkseid.

Of course, it will… But if I say anymore. I risk the wrath of the anti-spoiler brigade.


The Voice Acting

The usual suspects all return to reclaim their respective roles from the first Justice League Dark film.

Once again Matt Ryan is brilliant as John Constantine who gets plenty of his trademark cuss words in the mix as well as a fair few barbs at the expense of various heroes and villains of the piece. Constantine has a few great moments with Raven as he tries to help her keep Trigon at bay while also offering moral support insofar as he can. Taissa Farmiga does a decent job of voicing Raven who gets a few moments with Stuart Allan’s Damion Wayne.

Reprising the roles of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman are Jason O’Mara, Jerry O’Connell, and Rosario Dawson. Unfortunately, Wonder Woman is sidelined somewhat but does get some kick-ass moments toward the close of the film. Out of the big three team leaders of JLA. It is Superman that pretty much gets the most screen time as he gives a rousing speech at the beginning of the film and plays a key role in taking the fight back to Darkseid, but minus his superpowers.

We get some wonderful character beats throughout the film as we see Damion Wayne paired up with Raven and Constantine seemingly taking a bit of responsibility for Raven by trying to provide her guidance. We also get plenty of plot twists too.



This was a really solid offering with a fair few plot twists involving the Magic and supernatural over the usual scientific solutions that you’d normally see offered in Justice League stories. I really have to give a shout out for more Etrigan in future films. I so love his character and in this particular film, he was the perfect drinking buddy for Constantine.

The development of Raven’s character and her inner fight with Trigon was nicely done and proved to be a key point to the story.

The musical score was fist poundingly good and provided by the wonderfully talented Frederik Wiedmann who has become rather adept at scoring for these kinds of animated projects.

Justice League Dark: Apokolips War
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