In Review: Jupiter’s Legacy Season 1

Jupiter's Legacy is a fascinating reflection on many of the social issues that we are dealing with in the present day. But told through the lens of a Superhero universe.

Synopsis: In Jupiter’s Legacy. The children of the first generation of superheroes struggle to live up to expectations in an ever more complex world.


The Story

The Utopian, Lady Liberty and the union of Superheroes have been protecting America from evil-doers for 90 – years. But the present day is so much more complex and not as black and white as things once were. Sheldon Sampson aka The Utopian insists that the union live by a code. The code says that no hero should use their power to kill or to govern. Yet with super villains becoming so much more powerful. It’s a code that is becoming increasingly more difficult to live up to.

The children of the original heroes are dying as they try to live up to these standards. And others chose to leave the union so as not to be bound by these rules.

Sheldon’s son Brandon aka Paragon is struggling to live up to his father’s expectations. And finds himself breaking the code when a clone of Blackstar kills his friends and attempts to kill his mother and father. So, Brandon does the only thing he can. He kills the clone to save his parents but ultimately gets criticized by his father for doing so.

But the question is. Who sent the clone and why. Might it be Skyfox? Indeed these are tough questions. But can some of the answers be found in the past. Back when Sheldon and his friends first got their powers?



While we see Brandon and Chloe’s struggles in the present day. We get treated to the origin story of how Sheldon and the original Union members got their powers. Indeed, it is one hell of a journey as Sheldon’s sanity is tested to the limits. But it all starts in the stock market crash of 1929. Back when Sheldon was just a wealthy man thanks to his father’s steel empire. But when that Empire goes belly up and his father commits suicide. Sheldon starts to have hallucinations and starts drawing an unusual map of symbols.

It is only when his friend George Hutchence figures out that these symbols are a map that Sheldon brings a group of six people together to go on an extraordinary adventure that will take them to the ends of the earth. But in order to get their powers and return home to America. Sheldon and the group must rise above their differences and work together as a group. Which is easier said than done. Thus begins the legacy of America’s first six superheroes and the formation of The Union. But are they as unified as they think they are?


The Acting

Josh Duhamel is fantastic throughout the show as Sheldon Sampson. His insistence that they stick to the code and his very idealized black and white view of the world is constantly challenged throughout the show. Duhamel does a brilliant job of portraying Sheldon’s stoic belief in the code. Especially when it gets challenged by Sheldon’s daughter Chloe.

Who is basically a model, drug addict, and a drunk. She uses her celebrity and powers as a means of making money and living a partying lifestyle.Elena Kampouris does a fantastic job with her portrayal of Chloe. While Andrew Horton portrays Sheldon’s troubled son Brandon aka Paragon. Who just wants to do right by his father. But is struggling with the emotional and personal costs of being the Hero his father wants him to be.

Also really good was Leslie Bibb’s portrayal of Grace aka Lady Liberty. Who backs Sheldon up, but has a far more balanced view of the world and understands that nothing is entirely black and white. I particularly enjoyed the scene where she first meets Sheldon. Because it illustrates perfectly where Sheldon’s problems lie. And where his code of ethics fall short of being able to work in the modern-day. She sees the broader spectrum of things. Whereas Sheldon has a major case of tunnel vision.



This first season of Jupiter’s Legacy does a fantastic job of setting the world up. As well as the origins of how Sheldon and the group got their superpowers. The show asks all manner of interesting questions about ethics, the use of powers and the value of working together.

Jupiter’s Legacy is a fascinating reflection on many of the social issues that we are dealing with in the present day. But told through the lens of a Superhero universe. Where even the heroes are as flawed as us mere mortals.

I really hope that we get a second season of this. And look forward to seeing the other Mark Millar projects that Netflix has in the works.

Jupiter's Legacy Season 1
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