In Review: John Constantine: Hellblazer (2019-) #5

John Constantine has just been named the One True Magelord of All England. Please pray for England.

Synopsis: John Constantine has just been named the One True Magelord of All England. Please pray for England.

The Story

While recovering from a hangover at Tommy Willowtree’s place. John tries to give the young magician the slip and ditch his duties as the true Magelord. But an encounter with various demonic beasties including Barry who is trying to conjure up some vengeance. John has a chance meeting with his old friend Clarice who explains that she and another made up the whole Megelord of Alblian thing in order to trick Willowtree into taking over Constantine’s duties because neither of them wanted to take responsibility.

The Artwork

Matias Bergara’s edgy art style continues to serve this book well. The linework is rough and ready and very loose, which sort of suits the gangly and cunning character that John Constantine is. I really liked the panel of Barry and his crystal ball. Barry is someone that Constantine sorted out years ago and was left with a severely burnt face and one hand. Perhaps the most shocking panel is when Constantine finds that Tommy Willowtree has been severely beaten.  Jordie Bellaire’s colorwork continues to enhance the edginess of this book.


Simon Spurrier continues to give us some classic Constantine moments with a sardonic sense of humor that really suits the character. I loved what Constantine did to the crows toward the close of the issue. Teaching them some rather colorful metaphors was pure genius and exactly the sort of thing Constantine would do for a cheap giggle. Having John spend time trying to figure out how to tell Tommy Willowtree to bog off felt very much like the type of internal dialogue that would happen.

The close of this issue opens up a bit of mystery and presents us with a villain that could well prove a challenge for Constantine. I’m looking forward to seeing how this will progress in the months ahead.

John Constantine: Hellblazer (2019-) #5
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