In Review: John Constantine: Hellblazer (2019-) #4

John Constantine was missing for years-and in that time, England needed a mystical protector, a guardian at the gates.

Synopsis: John Constantine was missing for years-and in that time, England needed a mystical protector, a guardian at the gates. Heroically, the young man known as Tommy Willowtree stepped into the breach! This cosmically attuned mage has held evil at bay with the force of his positive white magic, unlocking a new era of peace for the citizens of London. He is a gentleman, a scholar, a clean-living, vegan acolyte of love.

So naturally, John Constantine hates his effing guts. And now they have to team up. Great.

Review: Simon Spurrier creates a fun character in Tommy Willowtree, who is everything that John Constantine can’t stand.

The Story

When John Constantine is attacked by a supernatural entity he is saved by a young man called Tommy Willowtree, who we learn has been keeping England safe from all things supernatural while Constantine was away in the USA. Tommy latches onto Constantine and follows him around London while telling him how much of an inspiration he has been. Unfortunately, John Constantine is not a fan of Tommy or his new-age approach to expelling evil entities and finds Tommy very difficult to get rid of.

The Artwork

Matias Bergara provides some wonderful art for this issue and manages to include some of London’s most famous landmarks into the issue. I particularly liked the character drawing for Tommy Willowtree, who basically looks like one of those irritating hipster types with the perfectly groomed mustache and beards. Some of the best art comes towards the end of the book where Constantine is trying to rather unsuccessfully outdrink Tommy. The bemused and bewildered expression that Bergara manages to draw on Constantine’s face is priceless.

The colorwork by Jordie Bellaire really brings out Bergera’s pencils and inks. Again. I’m really enjoying the color wash that is being used in this comic book. It suits the dark and edgy supernatural vibe of the stories.


A promising start with a memorable and fun character in the form of Tommy Willowtree. I look forward to reading what happens in the next issue.

John Constantine: Hellblazer (2019-) #4
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