In Review: Jim Butcher’s The Dresden Files: Dog Men #6

It's all come down to this - two factions of supernatural predators go to war, with a town caught in the middle!

Synopsis: It’s all come down to this – two factions of supernatural predators go to war, with a town caught in the middle! To save hundreds of innocents, Harry needs to form an alliance that could very well blow up in his face. He also needs to reconcile his own sense of anger and guilt once and for all – because if he doesn’t, it could turn him into the kind of threat he’s spent his life-fighting.

Review: Mark Powers concludes his Dresden Files story with a battle royale in which we see the Dog Men take on the Ghouls. The opening page sees Dresden seeking help from the mighty Dog Men in the forest. We get some fun narration where Dresden talks about his experience in the recent past as something not to do when trying to make alliances.

Meanwhile back in the town. The various agencies of law enforcement are exacuating the townspeople. We get a great sequence in which an old aged pensioner is complaining about being bullied from his home and threatening to write to the local politicians with a litany of his complaints.  This sequence is rather funny because you can envisage that sort of thing happening.

The art in this issue is awesome. Diego Galindo’s drawings of the Dog Men, which are basically giant wolves are both scary and magnificent. The sequence at the start of the comic where the Dog Men are trying to taunt Dresden into losing control is impressive. But things get even better once the Dog Men face off against the Ghouls.

The panels in which the Sherrif and FBI are shooting at Ghouls through the windows of the towns Church have a visceral feel to them. And the sight of the ghouls coming through the windows is imposing, to say the least.

overall. This is a solid conclusion to what has been a fun Dresden Files story. Hopefully, we’ll see more Dresden work from this creative team in the future. It’s been a fun ride.

Jim Butcher's The Dresden Files: Dog Men #6
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