In Review: Jim Butcher’s The Dresden Files: Dog Men #5

Harry has uncovered the party responsible for the Martineaux family massacre.

Synopsis: Harry has uncovered the party responsible for the Martineaux family massacre. But unfortunately for Harry, there’s more than one killer. In fact, the number is closer to fifty—an entire clan of flesh-devouring ghouls! And to survive, Harry may have to acquiesce to an alliance with a group he trusts even less than supernatural creatures…

Review: Things pick up right from where the last issue left off. Harry and Sherriff Gentle are seriously cornered by ghouls and it is going to take some serious stalling and magic as well as a few other tricks to make an escape.

Escape is eventually successful, but it is only a stalling tactic, which will not stall the inevitability of the Ghouls plans to attack the town.

To that end, Harry, Sherriff Gentle and Listens to wind must call upon the help of people that they’d rather not call upon, but conditions are far from ideal. So while Gentle does his bit. Harry goes off to see if he can recruit some help elsewhere.

Mark Powers grasp of Dresden’s universe and the dialogue continues to impress. The book is riddled with references to pop culture films and the Star Wars and Indiana Jones references come thick and fast. I loved that Dresden thinks of his battered VW Beetle in same was as Han Solo thinks of the Millenium Falcon. The line, “She may not look like much, but she’s got it where it counts.” was well placed and Gentles answer of “where?” was a brilliant punchline giving the urgency of their situation.

Diego Galindo artwork really shined in these quieter moments as well. The facial expressions were brilliant. Especially thoses that were expressed by Gentle who seemed to be barely holding it together.

The sequence on the final page where Dresden summons help from the last source you’d expect is beautifully drawn.

This book just keeps getting better and better.

Jim Butcher's The Dresden Files: Dog Men #5
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