In Review: Jim Butcher’s The Dresden Files: Dog Men #4

Dresden takes on a clan of Ghouls

Synopsis: With Joseph Listens-to-Wind badly wounded in their battle with the Wolf People, Harry is left to scour Taylor, Mississippi for clues as to the location of the other group of supernatural creatures preying upon the town.

Review: Mark Powers continues his Dresden story and things take an interesting turn.

With Listens-to-Wind in hospital. Dresden is extremely angry with himself and dangerously close to boiling over. Thankfully Listens-to-Wind is alive and recovering and well enough to give Harry a little pep talk about controlling his emotional state.

Talk gratefully received. Harry tries to use the advice while dealing with the two Federal Agents that are trying to take him back to Chicago, but he is saved by Sherriff Gentle who questions their credentials and covers for Harry.

This leads to Harry partnering up with Gentle while telling him about the supernatural beings that they are hunting with some help from Mouse. Harry loyal dog.

There’s a lot to like in this issue.

I’ve very much enjoyed the Mentor and student relationship that we have seen between Harry and Listens-to-Winds throughout every issue. But this issue, in particular, proves to be a great lesson for Harry who has been having nightmares about the days when he was hunted by the Wizards council.

Also enjoyable is the starting point of a partnership between Harry and the Sherriff, who seems to be amazingly open minded given the huge revelations that Harry is giving to him.

The tension as Harry and the Sherriff track the ghouls is very well executed and by the close of the issues. You just know that all hell is about to break loose.

The art work from Diego Galindo for some of the books bigger moments is well executed, but it is some of the smaller moments from this story that really impress. The facial expressions shared between Dresden and Listens-to-Winds during their exchange.

The horde of ghouls at the end of the book are also very impressive.

I continue to enjoy this story and will most likely treat myself to the trade paperback when it comes out.

Jim Butcher's The Dresden Files: Dog Men #4
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