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Synopsis: Jessica seeks to get her life back in order when a new case pushes her to face what happened to her and her family.

Review: Season two opens up a few months after events that we have seen in season one and Jessica is taking on new clients and trying to get her life back on track, which is being made different by clients asking her to kill their cheating partners and so forth.

Things don’t really kick in until Trish comes to Jessica with records of her time in the hospital after the car accident that killed her parents and resulted in her powers. It turns out that Jessica’s treatment in the hospital was paid for by a mysterious company called IGH.

As Jessica digs deeper with help from Trish. She learns about another woman who was treated by IGH and she seems to be stronger than Jessica. As the investigation deepens Jessica learns that this person is her mother.

This season is about mothers and daughters and how messed up those kinds of relationships can be. This is shown on the screen as we see Jessica and her mother who is played brilliantly by British actor Janet McTeer who brings an equal measure of maternal instincts with regards to Jessica and crazy to the role. In fact McTeer should be nominated for some kind of award for her work on this show because he knocks it out the park. You find yourself being disgusted by how easy she justify’s murder, but also relate to her wanting to have a relationship with her daughter at whatever the cost.

It isn’t until episode six that we get the reveal about Jessica’s mother, but it is worth watching everything that leads up it because you slowly get to see layers unravel. Such as Trish’s gradual addiction to a drug, which gives her tempory super strength and her longing to be as special as Jessica. In fact, Trish’s story arc throughout this season is as compelling as the relationship that we see developing between Jessica and her mother. In short. We gradually learn that Trish is as much of a despicable human being as her own mother if not more so.

Krysten Ritter and Janet McTeer as Jessica Jones and her mother.

By far the strongest episode of the season is episode seven, which is titled ‘AKA I Want Your Cray Cray’. In this episode, we learn the backstory about Jessica’s mother and what happened to her after the accident as well as some backstory with regards to Trish and her struggles with addiction. This episode needs to be put forth for Emmy consideration.

Over the last couple of years, Jessica Jones has been an exploration of the empowerment of women and it continues to do this in some cool ways, but does it without it being a flag-waving exercise. The character feels very real and not forced I.E. we are not given archetypes. We’re given characters that you would likely meet in your day to day life in regards to their attitudes and behaviors. Jessica Jones works because the strong female characters within the show are first and foremost just people and very flawed people at that. And the male characters within the series are equals and pretty much every way and are just as flawed.

I particularly liked the relationship that forms between Trish and Malcolm in this series. Trish is the needy addict looking for the next thing. Malcolm, on the other hand, is genuinely trying to improve himself and put his addiction behind him. Which is why the relationship worked so well between him and Trish because it illustrates the struggles that both have to deal with as well as the right and wrong way to deal with it.

If I have one criticism for this season it would be how Kilgrave was brought back. It felt a little bit like a tease and there didn’t seem to be any kind of explanation as to how he was in Jessica’s mind and what it was that triggered him to appear. Hopefully, this is something that the writers get to clear up if the series gets a third season, which I hope it will.

Overall. Jessica Jone’s second season is well worth a look. It gets off to a pretty slow start but it’s worth sticking with because you get to see some wonderful character development across the board and some brilliant acting performances all around. Rachel Taylor and Janet McTeer put in wonderful performances and play absolutely every emotion under the sun. Its an acting masterclass.

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