In Review: Jessica Jones: Playing With Fire – Episode 12 – Other Times, Other Places

Jessica and Sam join forces for a daring escape.

Synopsis: Jessica and Sam join forces for a daring escape.


The Story

Having awoken Jessica works to wake up Sam in order to work on an escape plan. As the story unfolds the pair team up on an escape, which sees a struggle between Jessica and Diane but ultimately leads to them finding out that Diane, or Selene as she is also called, is much older than she appears. As they go further and further into the house Sam reveals a trait that endears her to Jessica, in that it appears that Sam has the instincts of a detective.


The Narration

Fryda Wolff continues to put in a strong performance with her narration. I loved the back and forth conversation between Jessica and Sam as they plotted and worked out their escape on the fly. The narration of the struggle between Jessica and Diane was handled particularly well in that Wolff managed to provide a sense of the danger and edginess that was involved.

I also really enjoyed the sequence where Jessica and Sam have shut themselves in a pantry, which is next to a big freezer and they have to stay there until Shaw makes his way to Selene who is still trapped in the room downstairs. This also revealed the fate of Brandon, who seems to have been stored in the freezer with his bones broken at peculiar angles.



Another exciting chapter, which revealed a little more about Diane and her past, but also gives an indication of how old she actually is thanks to a photograph, which dates back to 1948. The back and forth dialogue between Jessica and Sam was excellent and made sure that the lister was fully engaged in their story and their daring escape. The episodes leaves things off with a nice cliffhanger as we stop the story as Jessica and Sam are in midair having jumped their way clear of the house.

I look forward to seeing how this will resolve in next week’s chapter but hoping that we’ll see Jessica re-engage with Luke Cage for some much-needed help with Shaw.

Jessica Jones: Playing With Fire - Episode 12 - Other Times, Other Places
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