In Review: Jessica Jones: Playing With Fire – Episode 11 – Sleight of Mind

Jessica wakes up in a cell. But how? And more importantly: why?

Synopsis: Jessica wakes up in a cell. But how? And more importantly: why?


The Story

After having taken an unbelievable beating from Shaw in last week’s episode, Jessica awakes and finds herself in the office of her therapist in mid-session. As conversation ebbs and flows. Jessica begins to suspect that this is not her therapist, but someone who is doing a really good impersonation, but as the session moves on Jessica’s mind slowly finds its way back to consciousness as she awakes in a cell and hears the click-clack of high heels coming toward her.

It becomes apparent that Jessica is a prisoner and her jailer is none other than Diane the person that heads up Nova Naledi and also the person who is responsible for the death of Jamie, but just how responsible was she? And what is the connection between Nova Naledi and the other meta kids?


The Narration

Fryda Wolff continues a great job of narration picking up from last week without missing a beat. I loved the way she handled the opening of this chapter in which Jessica slowly realized that she was having some sort of hallucination. But its the artistry in how well Wolff voices the back and forth between Diane and Jessica that makes this chapter worth the listen.



This was a really strong chapter that revealed a lot more about Diane and her involvement with Shaw and the Meta-Kids, but it also reveals her to be an energy-sucking vampire, which in turn reveals that the kids at Nova Naledi are nothing more than food to her. Sam Beckbessinger writes a compelling chapter here, which not only reveals the extent of Diane’s plans, but also illustrates a disturbing picture of exploitation. The moments where Diane was feeling on Jessica were creepy and unnerving and were performed brilliantly.

The final moment of this chapter is kind of an edge of the seat moment of sorts. But how will Jessica getaway is the big question that we’ll be asking for a whole week. I for one, can’t wait to find out.

Jessica Jones: Playing With Fire - Episode 11 - Sleight of Mind
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