In Review: Jessica Jones: Playing With Fire – Episode 10 – Newton’s Third Law

Jessica’s investigation takes a bizarre turn when she confronts Diane over the new evidence.

Synopsis: Jessica’s investigation takes a bizarre turn when she confronts Diane over the new evidence.


The Story

Having gotten a second interview with Diane from Nova Naledi via a deceitful text message. Jessica makes her way to a rather upmarket place to find out if Diane knows any more about the death of Jamie.

During the interview, which is done over a nice civilized cup of tea. Jessica gets the sense that Diane is evading her questions and digs into why she is so keen to help kids with meta-human powers. Diane then reveals that her sister had powers, and we get a hint that she may have some sort of power as well because when Diane gently touches Jessica’s arm the normally cynical detective suddenly feels very vulnerable and has to work hard to cover her weakness up. As the interview gets interesting Shaw walks in and greets Diane. A second fight breaks out between Jessica and Shaw.


The Narration

Fryda Wolff continues to impress with her narration and the voicing of the characters. I particularly enjoyed her delivery of the dialogue, which described Diane’s neighborhood as Jessica was walking through it. But the real treat was in the interview between Jessica and Diane, which was a cat and mouse game between a very clever therapist and a seasoned detective. The way in which Wolf softened Jessica’s usually harsh intonation as she is being worn down by Diane’s acts of kindness was done really well.

I also enjoyed the narration of the fight between Jessica and Shaw as we see Jessica figure out what Shaw’s power is, but at a stage where it’s too late for her to act on it.



With just six chapters left it feels like we are getting to the business end of the story now and thankfully some big reveals happen in this chapter, which bolds well for next week. Sam Beckbessinger writes perhaps the most thrilling chapter we have had in weeks. Hopefully, the last six chapters can continue at this standard and pick up the pacing a little more.

Jessica Jones: Playing With Fire - Episode 10 - Newton's Third Law
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