In Review: Jekyll And Hyde – The Heart Of Lord Trash

Robert and his team are ambushed by Dance's crew who swiftly extract the incubus from Maggie and use its power to revive Dance.

Synopsis: Robert and his team are ambushed by Dance’s crew who swiftly extract the incubus from Maggie and use its power to revive Dance.

Review: Whether or not this will wind up being a season finale or a series finale as yet remains to be seen in that there hasn’t been any word on if we’ll see a second series, but if we don’t this was a fitting end to the 10 episodes that we have seen.

The story picks up moments from where we left off.

Robert, Ravi and Maggie are on their way back to London, but as they get closer Tenebre pounce and their mere presence awakens the incubus, which has piggy backed a ride in Maggie.

As it looks like Robert and Ravi are about to be captured Garson comes to the rescue aided by Belle.

Back in London MIO is mobilising to take the fight to Tenebre, but they need Roberts help to do so, but unfortunately for them Robert is not playing ball. Especially after learning that Lilly was working with Bulstrode. Lilly however stays with Robert and his team in hopes of talking him round to MIO’s point of view.

Back at Jezequiel House Olala has learned about the true nature of the Calyx and the heart of Lord Trash and with help from Renata who is nearing death. She manages to get a phone call to Robert to explain the true nature of the thing and what he has to do to save everybody and defeat Captain Dance and tenebre.

As a finale this pretty much had everything you could have asked for. The pacing was frantic and the few character beats we get worked really well. I especially enjoyed the brief bitch fight between Lilly and Belle and their sudden realisation that Robert was not really worth fighting over because neither of them would truly have him.

The final confrontation between Hyde and Captain Dance was a tense affair and the visuals that followed on from Dance opening the Calyx were really cool to see and pretty impressive given the budget limitations of television.

Overall this was a perfect end to what has been a fairly enjoyable series.

Jekyll And Hyde - The Heart Of Lord Trash
  • Great pacing and a nice pay off to the story
  • Nothing much wrong here.
  • Story
  • Acting
  • CGI
  • Incidental Music

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