In Review: Jekyll And Hyde: The Harbinger

The grandson of Dr Jekyll goes in search of his family's mysterious past in London of the 1930s.

Synopsis: The grandson of Dr Jekyll goes in search of his family’s mysterious past in London of the 1930s.

Review: Starring Tom Bateman as the titular character, who is the grandson of the original Robert Louis Stevenson creation. Jekyll And Hyde is a sequel of sorts to the original story.

The series picks up in the 1930s and sees a young Dr Robert Jekyll traveling to London to respond to a summons by his Grandfathers Solicitors office in order to claim his inheritance.

Having been sheltered from his family’s past for most of his life and only medication to prevent his metamorphosis Robert Jekyll is fully oblivious to his Grandfather and late Father’s history, but learns of pretty much most of it over the course of this first episode.

London has changed since the days of the original Mr Hyde murders and a new secret organisation within the British Secret Service has been formed to combat monsters and protect the people. Led by Sir Roger Bulstrode who is played by Richard E. Grant the organisation is called MIO, who’s mandate is to track and kill monsters that threaten society. They even have a few monsters of their own who aid them.

When Robert Jekyll exhibits superhuman strength while saving a child from certain death. He is suddenly on the radar of the MIO and rival organisation that has unknown nefarious plans for him.

Although mostly set up and and introduction to this new world. I was fairly entertained by this hour of television and it was nice to see Richard E. Grant in a role that allows him to command a room with authority.

Bateman does a pretty good job of playing the duel role of Jekyll and Hyde and the series has an interested cast of supporting characters to help move things along.

The series has a bit of a ‘League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen’ vibe to it, which I kind of enjoy in any series when it is done well.

The settings and period costumes are well down and unlike the average episode of ‘Downton Abby’ we get lost of story and action crammed into this opening episode, which is the first of 10.

A promising start and potentially a new show for me to watch on a Sunday evening, which is a pretty rare thing for me to have.

Jekyll And Hyde: The Harbinger
  • Some cool ideas with a secret monster hunting agency and great period settings
  • A little heavy handed with the set up exposition
  • Story
  • Acting
  • Period Settings
  • Incidental Music

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