In Review: Jekyll And Hyde – The Calyx

Wracked with guilt after failing to get his Grandmother Maggie before Captain Dance's men, Robert, Lily and Garson worth tirelessly to cure her of Sepsis.

Synopsis: Wracked with guilt after failing to get his Grandmother Maggie before Captain Dance’s men, Robert, Lily and Garson worth tirelessly to cure her of Sepsis.

Review: The plot thickens as we both learn a little more about Captain Dance and his motives and about Jekyll’s father who apparently worked for Dance and his army of Monsters.

The episode starts off with a flashback in which Captain Dance and his superior are talking about an urn, which they are calling The Calyx, which is the ashes of a far more powerful monster, which if resurrected would literally raise hell on earth, but the only snag is. They need Robert Jekyll/Hyde to activate it. The key ingredient being Hyde’s blood due to its regenerative properties.

Meanwhile back in London Roger Bulstrode and his secret covert monster hunting team hatch a plan to assassinate Captain Dance, who they see as a much bigger problem than Mr Hyde, but the Home Secretory doesn’t seem to share their view.

This episode is pretty fast moving with a lot happening.

Tom Bateman gets to channel both Jekyll and Hyde in this episode, but it would seem that Hyde despite his wild nature seems to have some kind of moral compass to enough of an extent that he does not trust Dance or his followers.

Richard E. Grant gets a lot to do this week as he bumps heads with the Home Secretary who wants Robert Jekyll dead as revenge for the murder of his father. Seems the home Secretary is so blinded with his thirst for vengeance that he can’t see the bigger picture.

Also good value this week is Natalie Gumede as Bella who Hyde goes to in order to seek counsel about his/Jekyll’s feelings with regards to Lilly, who Hyde things is playing his alter ego of Jekyll for a fool.

Although we learn a bit more about them. We still do not know the full agenda of Tenebre (The army of monsters.) We do however find out that Bulstrode and his monster hunters are not beyond bending the rules in order to keep the world safe, which even allows them the latitude to hold Roberts step brother captive if needed as leverage to get Jekyll/Hyde working with them against Tenebre.

Its all fascinating stuff. This has to be the strongest episode to date.

Jekyll And Hyde - The Calyx
  • Richard E. Grant and his monster hunters
  • The slow reveal with regards to the full nature of Tenebre
  • Story
  • Acting
  • Incidental Music
  • CGI

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