In Review: Jeepers Creepers #3

A terrible link is revealed as the hero pursues the Creeper.

The covers: Three freakish frontpieces to find before the Creeper finds you. The A cover is by Stuart Sayger. I really like this and I thought it was created by Bill Sienkiewicz until I read the book’s credits. A bust of the Creeper faces the right, his mouth a maw of teeth. He has on his favorite hat and jacket with the collar up. A blood moon lights up the ebony around him and highlights the sketches and numbers below him that show the pattern of his killings. Outstanding! Kewber Baal and Schimerys Baal are responsible for the B which features a full moon dominating a desert visa. In the bottom left corner a wanderer of the wasteland has abandoned his meal. That’s probably because the Creeper has captured him. The monster’s silhouette is before the moon, and if one looks careful one can see that it’s carrying prey. The final cover is by the fantastic duo of Tom Mandrake and Sian Mandrake. The Creeper looks down upon the reader, his mouth open in a roar and his skull appendages spread wide. A downpour and a bolt of lightning comprise the setting. This is a deliriously demented drawing from an awesome angle that has deceptively delicious subtle coloring, with yellows and light roses providing highlights. This pair never disappoints. Overall grades: A A+, B B-, and C A+

The story: The Creeper is calling the protagonist’s name. “Devonnn…knowledge…you…sssseek…?” The young man’s eyes bulge as he looks upon the horror. The creature changes, wearing ancient leather pants and is adorned with golden jewelry and red feathers. “…Seek…and I will find…you…” Devon is in his motel room, the floor littered with papers and notes of his search for the monster. This communication must be his imagination, a result of the peyote he was dosed with in the previous issue. His phone buzzes — it’s his mother. He tosses it aside, unanswered. ‘Sorry, Mom. Love you…but I just can’t right now.’ He goes to take a shower to clear his head, but stops when he sees the vicious gash in his palm (endured last issue) has already healed. He looks in the bathroom mirror to see he’s not going crazy and is greeted by the visage of the Creeper. The man and the monster gaze upon each other in the psychic realm. Devon realizes, “I’m psychically linked to an immortal cannibal demon.” Writer Marc Andreyko isn’t going to let his protagonist walk away before “The adventure continues.” Devon has an incident on the road that causes a repercussion on the Creeper, who decides this link must be broken. Devon finds a new place to stay and new locale to learn the Creeper’s past, getting a supernatural vision. There’s a solid scare on Page 16 that leads to a cool confrontation. The ending of this issue has a fun scare and an excellent clue where this story will next go. I’m enjoying the psychic bond between the characters with how it effects the other. This was fun. Overall grade: A-

The art: Kewber Baal is the artist for this issue and this is the best looking issue yet. The opening page has two excellent images of the creature. I’m extremely fond of panels that split a single image in two, forcing the reader to focus on specific attributes of a character and there are two outstanding examples of the Creeper that employ this. Also in the mix are Devon’s bugged out eyes reacting to the villain. Page 2 is a superior full-paged splash with the protagonist shown upside down in his bed. It’s hard not to think of beginning of Apocalypse Now while looking at this page. His walk to the bathroom has Devon looking like a lost soul. The reveal at the bottom of 4 looks like a storyboard more so than a comic book panel. The two panels that show a character waking on 5 is great, as is the action in the fifth panel. The last image on 6 shows where Devon’s life is heading. The two pages that follow have a good action sequence with split panels having some solid motion. Page 9 is also great, with the setting shown in the fifth panel outstanding. The reaction that ends 13 is believable and the panels that follow show a cool transformation; I’m not a fan of computer blurs in artwork, but it works very well here. The reveal on 16 is terrific, and is only slightly bettered by the full-paged splash on 17. The final panel is an excellent visual to ensure readers return for the next issue. Overall grade: A

The colors: Whenever the Creeper appears he’s got fantastic powder blue eyes with his backgrounds done in muted orange, giving him a demonic angel’s appearance. Devon shows much skin in the opening, with its pasty coloring making him seem like walking death. Great spectral blues are briefly shown by Jorge Sutil on 5. Outstanding oranges and reds are employed wonderfully on 9. A surprising use of violets atop 14 spin the book into a different direction. The dark colors on 15 – 19 nicely date the setting. Crimson letters end this issue horrifically. Overall grade: A

The letters: Taylor Esposito letters this issue creating Creeper speech, narration, telephone text, sounds, screams, dialogue, signage, yells, Creeper narration, whispered weakened dialogue, and whispered Creeper dialogue. Wow! Normally I’m really impressed with letterers who differentiate narration from speech, which Esposito does, but to do unique Creeper dialogue and unique Creeper narration? This is outstanding as is the rest of Esposito’s work. Overall grade: A+

The final line: A terrible link is revealed as the hero pursues the Creeper. Unfortunately, the Creeper now seeks him. Past and present collide as winged horror brings Hell to Earth. A solid creeper of a story and great visuals make this one to find. Overall grade: A

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Patrick Hayes was a contributor to the Comic Buyer's Guide for several years with "It's Bound to Happen!" and he's reviewed comics for TrekWeb and TrekCore. He's taught 8th graders English for 20 years and has taught high school English for five years and counting. He reads everything as often as he can, when not grading papers or looking up Star Trek, Star Wars, or Indiana Jones items online.
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