In Review: James Bond: Origin #9

Injured and alone, lieutenant James Bond has escaped his Russian captors, only to be thrust into the heart of war.

Synopsis: Injured and alone, lieutenant James Bond has escaped his Russian captors, only to be thrust into the heart of war. The epic World War 2 tale continues…

Review: The final part of Bonds Russian adventure sees him make a daring escape.

The Story

Having escaped his Russian captures. James Bond must improvise in order to get himself to the docks so he can get on board a friendly ship, but along the way, he faces some German troops while simultaneously trying to keep a safe distance between himself and his pursuers.

The Artwork

Artist Ibrahim Moustafa has a lot to do in this issue as Bond flits through various different fight or flight situations while making good his escape to get back to an Allied ship.

Page 14 and 15 offers up some nice artwork showing us what Bond is looking at through his binoculars. The way in which the image is framed to look as if we are seeing it through binoculars is fantastic fun and actually makes you feel more immersed in the story.

Moustafa’s art in this series has been brilliant when it comes to depicting the constant motion of the action beats. But he has also given us some brilliant attention to detail with the various uniforms and period dress of the 1940s.


Writer Jeff Parker is continually delivering the goods with these various Origin Adventures of James Bond. Though I would like them to be a little more British in regards to the spelling of Bonds rank, which would be Leftenant and not Lieutenant in that particular period of time. The UK had not adopted the American pronunciation at that point in time.

Overall, though this has concluded what has been another enjoyable adventure for the younger James Bond. I’m actually surprised that a TV series or movie series of Bonds earlier adventures have not been attempted. Which is why I take such great pleasure in reading this particular Dynamite series.


James Bond: Origin #9
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