In Review: James Bond: Origin (2018-) #7

A new adventure beckons for the rookie British Spy. 

Review: A new adventure beckons for the rookie British Spy.

The Story

Bond is back on board his ship and is assigned the task finding a potential Russian Spy on the ship, which is a tough task given that Captain Freeman has chosen to take a special interest in him.

Things get more complicated when they come to the rescue of a cargo ship which is full of gold and has a Russian Captain who is deceiving Captain Freeman and the British.

The Artwork

Much of the action this week takes place onboard various ships. So we’re working with confined spaces. Which doesn’t stop artist Ibrahim Moustafa from delivering some quality work. For this book, he successfully delivers on the claustrophobic nature of serving on board Navy vessels.

I really enjoyed the level of detail that the artist delivered for the brief sequence near the beginning of the issue where Bond is in the ships radio room and gets caught doing a bit of Spycraft by his Captain, who seems fairly oblivious to the fact that Bond is a spy. Or does he?


Jeff Parker delivers the beginnings of a promising story arc, which gets off to a rather exciting start given that our young hero winds up getting himself captured by the Russian Captain by the close of the issue. Which sets things up perfectly for the next issue.

After the fast-paced one shot that we got last month. This is a dramatic change of pace for the series as most of this issue is setting things up for what looks like it could well be a true second world war spy thriller.

I look forward to seeing what the next issue will have to offer and seeing how Bond will execute his escape from the Russian boat.

James Bond: Origin (2018-) #7
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