In Review: James Bond: Origin (2018-) #4

Jeff Parker continues his exploration of the young James Bond and his World War II Adventures

Synopsis: Forced to surface in enemy waters, a damaged Royal Navy submarine docks at a mysterious island for repairs. Lieutenant James Bond leads a hunting expedition across the island. But while hunting beasts, he discovers a far more dangerous prey…

Review: Jeff Parker continues his story about James Bond early adventures during the Second World War. Picking things up from the last issue. Bond’s Submarine is damaged and the lives of the entire crew hang in the balance.

The Story

Bond’s Submarine is damaged after narrowly missing some German Mines. The Captain has a tough call to make. If they surface they will be destroyed by the German warship that is waiting for them, which means some trickery is in order. In order to escape and fool the waiting warship. The Captain comes up with a clever plan to fool them into thinking that they have successfully sunk them.

Once they are free and clear of the Warship. The Sub is able to surface and find a nearby island where they can put in for repairs, but when Bond and a few of the sailors are sent out to hunt for food they find a small German Camp and a Bomber Plane, which sees Bond formulating a cunning plan.

The Artwork

Bob Q delivers some nice pages in this issue. He really draws the confined spaces of submarine really well and the tension on the faces of the various characters as they wait out the German Warship is very telling of the situation.

I loved the sequence of panels that started on Page 5 where we see the German crew totally buying the British Captain’s deception.

I also liked the schematics of the submarine displayed in the background while Bond was writing letters to various people, which he said he’d destroy if he gets out of the situation alive.


A great issue, which sees Jeff Parker move his story on and advance the story in such a way that Bond gets to use his spycraft by speaking pretty good German in order to set things up for a fight back for the British Navy.

It’s just sad that we’ll have to wait a whole month to see what happens next.

James Bond: Origin (2018-) #4
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