In Review: James Bond: Origin (2018-) #3


Synopsis: Aboard a Royal Navy submarine, Lieutenant James Bond and crew encounter deadly German warships and bombers! Can the British crew keep their nerve and evade…or will they sink into a watery grave?

Review: In the last issue we saw some of the training that James Bond underwent to become a Spy. This third issue shows us Bond on his very first assignment. Onboard submarine in the middle of the Mediterranian ocean close to Malta.

The Story

Jeff Parker continues to provide us with fun stories from James Bonds earliest adventures, which helped mold him into the man that we have read about and watched in the books and movies.

In this third issue, Parker places Bond onboard a submarine, which is patrolling the Mediterranian sea. He has been trusted with some intelligence that could potentially save lives, but will his new crew and commanding officer trust him as a source of information?

This story does a superb job of capturing the cat and mouse tension of a submarine battle. The commander trying to second guess the enemy commander.

This is a really enjoyable issue, which ends on more of a cliff edge than a cliffhanger. In short, readers will be pulling their hair out in frustration because they have to wait a whole month to see what happens next.

The Artwork

Bob Q’s artwork really comes into its own in this issue. There is plenty of action for him to illustrate from a German Stucca dropping a bomb on the allied submarine to all of the action that takes place on board as the crew prepares for a counter attack.

The artist does a great job of capturing the sheer tension of the situation.


A fantastic issue, which provides a cliff edge situation that will really test James Bond’s metal, but also a really exciting read for fans of 007.

James Bond: Origin (2018-) #3
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