In Review: James Bond: Origin (2018-) #11

“The Debt” continues. Lieutenant James Bond learns a new skill.

Synopsis: “The Debt” continues. Lieutenant James Bond learns a new skill. A former friend helps atone for the death of another. And Bond descends into a part of war-torn London that few fresh faces emerge from unscathed.

Review: Bonds efforts to find the truth behind the death of his friend and mentor Commander Weldon take on an interesting twist.

The Story

Jame continues to work with Eddie in an effort to find the card game that led to the death of his mentor Weldon. This mission takes Bond to an area of London where fresh faces are looked upon with suspicion. While there Bond gets taught how to gamble and play cards by a master, who also tips him off about the card game that he is looking for. Furthermore, we learn that the card game is for secrets and codes.

The Artwork

Ibrahim Moustafa captures the seediness of underground gambling brilliantly. We even get the smoke-filled rooms representing the fact that a lot more people smoked back in the 1940s than they do today. My favorite panels in this issue are the ones in which Bond is learning to play cards and also learns what the code is.

I also enjoyed the series of panels in which Bond and Eddie sneak aboard a ship, which is carrying rather dangerous cargo.


Jeff Parker captures the mood brilliantly and has a great deal of fun showing us just how wet behind the ears and out of his depth this younger version of Bond is. The sequences where Bond learns play cards are particularly memorable.

There is also a really funny moment where a prostitute tries to pick Bond up as he is making his way to a Card game onboard a double-decker London bus. When Bond politely brushes her off she says that he probably wouldn’t know what to do anyway.

Overall. A really fun issue with lots of intrigue and some interesting possibilities for next months final issue of this story arc.

James Bond: Origin (2018-) #11
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