In Review: James Bond: Origin (2018-) #10

“THE DEBT” Lieutenant Bond returns to England to recuperate from injuries.

Synopsis: “THE DEBT” Lieutenant Bond returns to England to recuperate from injuries. But the death of his mentor will throw him into the seediest alleyways London has to offer, as he seeks revenge.

Review: James Bonds early adventures continue in a story, which sees him having to investigate his mentor.

The Story

When Bonds Mentor Commander Weldon is shot and killed after attending a gambling game in Gibraltar. James who is recovering at home in England is called upon to investigate. But in order to do a proper job of it. He’ll need to call on one of his old friends from his days in training to help get to the bottom of things.


Ibrahim Moustafa does a great job of capturing the look and feel of 1940s England and of course Gibraltar.

I really enjoyed the panels where Bond was exploring the home of his former mentor for clues. And the shoot out between Weldon and his assailants in the streets near the start of the comic was really well drawn.


This is a really promising start to a new story arc, which looks like to might prove rather challenging for Bond who will no doubt find out a few things that he’d rather not learn about his mentor Commander Weldon, who is the man responsible for starting Bond out on his career path as a spy.

I love how writer Jeff Parker is calling back to characters and people that he introduced in his earlier issues. Commander Weldon has been a presence throughout the entire series to date because he is the man that Bond was writing too. The question is whether or not he is alive or dead? We are led to believe that he is dead, and we do see him get shot at the start of the book. But do not know if it was a lethal shot. If he is dead. Who will bond write to?

Having Bond call on Eddie for help made for an interesting twist and could make for interesting reading as things develop given the history that these two characters share.

James Bond: Origin (2018-) #10
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