In Review: James Bond: Himeros #5

It’s all led to this as Bond and Richmond face their last challenge.

Synopsis: It’s all led to this as Bond and Richmond face their last challenge. The most exciting James Bond adventure hurtles towards an explosive conclusion and we all know, not everyone walks away with their life…


The Story

Having seen Sarah getting shot in the last issue. Bond is out to avenge her death and sets about doing just that, but first, he needs to take out her killer. With Sarah dead, Bond’s mission is officially at an end. But James had gotten to know Sarah and wanting to honor her bravery decides to go after everyone that was connected with Wilhelm’s sex trafficking island. And it so happens that Bane’s, who was a regular visitor to the island has called a meeting with a collective group of the scumbags of the world. A prime target for a certain 00 agent.


The Artwork

Giorgio Pontrelli finishes off this story with a nice collection of action beats. I loved the opening shootout between Bond and Sarah’s killer. The way in which the artist frames the action put me very much in mind of the early Daniel Craig films. The panels where we see Bond’s prey melting in the flames are particularly gruesome.



Rodney Barnes finishes his first James Bond comic book story in style, but personally, I’d have liked for it to go on for at least one more issue as I’d have liked to have seen a bit more background and a bit more of a confrontation between Bond and Banes. It all felt a little too neatly tied up considering how messy the whole business of Wilhelm’s island was. I enjoyed how the character of Banes was set up throughout the five issues, which is partly why I am a little disappointed with how abrupt his end was.

Overall. Despite this one criticism. I’ve really enjoyed the ride and would be interested in checking out further Bond stories from Barnes.

James Bond: Himeros #5
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