In Review: James Bond: Himeros #4

James Bond has survived a series of deadly assaults as he and Sarah Richmond make it to Wilhelm’s island.

Synopsis: James Bond has survived a series of deadly assaults as he and Sarah Richmond make it to Wilhelm’s island. Amidst the traumatic memories the island unleashes, will they find what they’re looking for or does death continue to await them at every turn?


The Story

Picking up the story from last month. Bond and Sarah Richmond are finally en route to Wilhelms island. Meanwhile, a man pays a visit to the Nigerian Embassy in London with the promise of a new weapon. It’s a sale the Nigerian Minister cannot refuse. As the weapon, which is a combination of a precision pistol with a load that contains snake venom is ultra deadly.

Elsewhere on Wilhelms Island. Bond and Sarah Richmond retrieve the books that they are after, but an assassin is close on their tail.


The Artwork

Pierluigi Minotti once again produces some awesome work for this issue. The opening few pages where we see the weapons sale go down is full of tension. I loved how studiously Minotti drew the would-be assassin as he spoke about the Greek god of sexuality Himeros when referencing the status in the Nigerian Ministers’ office. Also. good was the attention to detail in the panels where Bond and Sarah visit her old bedroom on Wilhelms island. Especially when it came to the personal items she had in the room.

Insofar as action beats. We get a fantastic shoot out toward the end of the book, which ends somewhat tragically.



Rodney Barnes pulls off yet another brilliant issue. I loved the dialogue at the start of the issue where the arms dealer was describing his wares to the Nigerian Minister. I also loved the Himeros monologue that he gives when it comes to him trying to justify his past involvement with Wilhelm.

Overall. A fantastic issue with a brilliant cliffhanger that will keep us guessing all month.


James Bond: Himeros #4 will be on sale in all good comic book stores on Wednesday 19, January.

James Bond: Himeros #4
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