In Review: James Bond: Himeros #3

James Bond continues to unravel the horror he’s uncovered as he makes his way to the center of it all

Synopsis: James Bond continues to unravel the horror he’s uncovered as he makes his way to the center of it all – Wilhelm’s island – with the reluctant Sarah Richmond in tow. All the while: Kino continues to stalk the pair, awaiting his moment to strike!


The Story

Picking up from where issue two left off. Bond and Sarah Richmond have hooked up with a few of her friends in an effort to escape a contract killer. After a brief flashback to a prior mission that involved sex traffickers. 007 pushes Sarah for information as he senses that she isn’t telling him everything. Sarah eventually reveals that she knows all of the people, account numbers, and codes from her time on Wilhelm’s island and is willing to testify. But in order to get physical evidence, they will need to visit the island.


The Artwork

Pierluigi Minotti produces some brilliant artwork for this issue. There is a great moment where Sarah is spilling the beans on what she knows and we get to see her reflection in the water. Its a really effective and cool piece of art that punctuates a key moment to the story.

We also get some fantastic action beats toward the end of the book where the contract killer that is after Sarah catches up to them. This includes a brilliantly drawn boat chase.



Rodney Barnes continues to impress with this story. I really liked the narration that Bond gives at the beginning of the issue about how he has met every sort of person and explains why he does what he does. Seeing an old mission and then having it referred to later in the story is a really nice touch. I also liked the fact that Bond is kind of taking this one personally in that he pretty much admits that he’d rather kill these sex traffickers than bring them in.

I’m looking forward to seeing how the visit to the island goes down in next month’s book.


James Bond: Himeros #3
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