In Review: James Bond: Himeros #2

Bond has secured Sarah Richmond who used to work alongside the dead sex trafficker that he is investigating.

Synopsis: Issue two of Himeros sees James Bond learning more about his mission and the woman that he has been assigned to protect.


The Story

Picking up from where the last issue left off. Bond has secured Sarah Richmond who used to work alongside the dead sex trafficker that he is investigating. Sarah tells Bond of the island fortress where she used to work. Bond isn’t too impressed with her story, but grudgingly continues his work of protecting her. When a man comes after her Bond and Sarah must make a fast exit. Meanwhile back on the Island, a group of men has been killed. M warns Bond to be careful about trusting Sarah.


The Artwork

Antonio Fuso hits the artwork at full throttle this month. As not only does he draw a fantastic hand-to-hand fight scene between Bond and Sarah’s would-be assassin. But he also illustrates a frantic car chase in which we see Bond and Sarah leap from their car at the very last moment. The action beats in this book would put your average fast and furious movie to shame.  I loved the final few panels where Sarah introduces Bond to a few of her biker mates.



Rodney Barnes’s second issue does an awesome job of building on what was revealed in the opening issue. Sarah’s story at the very start of the issue is well presented and thought out and even rather feasible. It’s understandable why Bond is reluctant to trust her though given that she seems to have gone along to get along to an extent. The phone call between Bond and M is nicely staged and brilliantly pre-empts the assassin that has been sent to kill Sarah.

Overall. Himeros is beginning to shape up to be an interesting James Bond story given that it seems a lot more grounded than previous adventures.

James Bond: Himeros #2
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