In Review: James Bond – Hammerhead #3

Bond continues to pursue the deadly threat, but is Bond being pursued?

Synopsis: After narrowly escaping the events at the Gala, Bond and Victoria arrive in Yemen to unravel the evil plans of KRAKEN. Yet the pair is quickly separated when Victoria learns of a deadly helicopter crash that will cause issues with her company. James is informed about the missing cargo of the helicopter, a nuclear warhead, and sets off to retrieve the deadly payload before time runs out.

Review: Hammerhead #3 doesn’t miss a beat. The issue starts after a what was clearly a typical James Bond night with an intelligent and beautiful woman, but the respite is over. James must continue to hunt down KRAKEN. The shadowy group responsible for the death of Victoria’s father. The two separate, and Bond is joined by a series staple; his state of the art car of the moment (No Bond story would be complete without a car to destroy). This is where Diggle and Casalandguida really swing for the fences this issue. Seeing Bond track down and dispatch two mercenaries is thoroughly entertaining. This team knows how to exude what it means to be 007. It all feels classic yet fresh at the same time.

The strongest part of this issue is the car scenes. When Bond is done with the mercenaries, he hops back into his car, and heads off to the next destination. Unbeknownst to James, the car has been tampered with, and it attempts to kill him from within. When Bond escapes the interior of the car, the vehicle uses everything in its arsenal to kill our favorite secret agent. I love the idea of using Bond’s own weapons against him because it takes us out of the norm. We know Bond has always been resourceful, but those skills are really put to the test. It provides for some pretty entertaining moments.

James Bond Hammerhead #3 is a solid installment in this series. The story remains tight and intriguing even though the master plan of the villains have not been fully revealed. This issue leaves you us on a great cliffhanger, and I will certainly be waiting to see how Bond gets out of this predicament.

James Bond Hammerhead #3
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