In Review: James Bond: Agent of Spectre #5

The SPECTRE Civil War reaches its explosive conclusion!

Synopsis: The SPECTRE Civil War reaches its explosive conclusion! Who will come out on top, the established Ernst Stavro Blofeld or the upstart Titania Jones? Either way, will James Bond — and the world — survive? Can 007 use this war to bring SPECTRE down from within…or will he end up just one more casualty?

Warning. The below part of this review contains spoilers.


The Story


Picking the story up from where last month left off. Blofeld is at the mercy of Titania Jones and her men. In short, if Blofeld can’t get away from his island. No one can. So, to make sure that no one is able to escape Blofeld triggers a series of mines to destroy all of his assets on the island. In the rush to getaway. Bond faces down Titania who is wearing some fancy new weaponized suit thinks she has all the best cards. But she doesn’t count on Bond.


The Artwork


Luca Casalanguida executes his art duties in this final issue brilliantly. Panels depicting Bond’s final showdown with Blofeld amid an exploding island is absolutely brilliant. As is the fight between Bond and Titania, which admittedly was a little more exciting given that Titania is around the same age as Bond and as athletic. I really liked the design of the combat suit that Titania was wearing throughout. It looked like it could have been lifted directly out of an old-school bond movie.



This final issue of ‘James Bond: Agent of Spectre’ delivers. Christos N. Gage has consistently impressed throughout this story arc giving us a Bond story that feels extremely cinematic. The dialogue between Bond and Blofeld has been consistent and has retained the quality that it had from the very first issue. The voices of the characters are written so clearly that you can literally hear the character’s voices in your head when you read.

James Bond: Agent of Spectre #5
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