In Review: James Bond: Agent of Spectre #4

It's all-out action in Athens, Greece as Bond and Blofeld's tenuous alliance is tested under fire! Can they survive the mountainside attack by upstart SPECTRE member Titania Jones...
Agent of Spectre

Synopsis: This month on ‘Agent of Spectre’. It’s all-out action in Athens, Greece as Bond and Blofeld’s tenuous alliance is tested under fire! Can they survive the mountainside attack by upstart SPECTRE member Titania Jones… and can they survive each other? The double-crosses and triple-crosses hurtle toward a shocking and explosive conclusion in this penultimate issue!


The Story

Bond has returned to Mount Lycabettus in Greece where he is reporting back to Blofeld. Indeed, Bond has been working hard to prove his worth as an agent of Spectre. Furthermore, Bond knows full well that Blofeld will all to happily have him killed if he makes the slightest move. So, to that end, he has led Titania Jones right to Blofeld and she is going all out to kill him. Luckily for Blofeld, James Bond is a crack shot and a competent driver. Indeed, Bond seems to have little trouble in facilitating Blofeld’s escape to a nearby island that he happens to own.


The Artwork

Luca Casalanguida’s art style continues to serve this comic well. Especially during the action sequences. The few panels in which Bond is driving Blofeld’s car in a desperate bid to get away from Titania’s helicopters have a fantastic sense of movement to them. So much so that you could almost hear the roar of the car engine and the thrumming rotors of the helicopters. I also enjoyed the sequence where Bond shows Blofeld the tracker that Titania had planted in his back. A crafty woman is that Titania.



This is a fantastic issue and a great cliffhanger that sets things up beautifully for next months finale. Christos N. Gage obviously knows his James Bond trivia and has done a brilliant job of the ongoing dialogue between Bond and Blofeld. So much so that when reading the various exchanges. I could absolutely hear the voices of Sean Connery and Donald Pleasence in my head. Pleasence being the first actor to play the arch-nemesis of 007 on the big screen.

Overall. I can’t wait for the finale next month. Man if only I had a time machine.


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James Bond: Agent of Spectre #4
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