In Review: James Bond: Agent of Spectre #3

As Bond struggles with the fallout of the previous issue's shock ending, all bets are off.
Agent of Spectre

Synopsis: Agent of Spectre continues… As Bond struggles with the fallout of the previous issue’s shock ending, all bets are off. Double and triple crosses and being in bed with the enemy – sometimes literally – are the order of the day. Has Bond truly become no different than the members of SPECTRE he is now working for, or does he have a master plan that can work against impossible odds?


The Story

Having seemingly killed Felix in the previous issue. James Bond is now faced with his actual Target and must convince her that he’s not a threat. Bond makes Titania an offer that she cannot possibly pass on. He’ll kill Blofield if she triples the price that he has put on her head. Having come to an arrangement. Bond returns to his hotel room and contacts Blofeld and reveals his plan. Though his real plan is to play Titania and Blofeld off against each other. It’s the chance of a lifetime for 007 to be rid of Spectre once and for all.


The Artwork

Luca Casalanguida continues to bring us some visceral artwork that does a great job of selling the action set pieces seen throughout. Although the opening few pages see Bond and Titania talking. You can tell that both spies have itchy trigger fingers. Indeed, they are drawn in such a way that they look like coiled springs ready for action.

Also, I really enjoyed the panels at the midway point where Bond is reporting back to Blofeld.



Christos N. Gage continues to spin a story that is strong enough to be an actual Bond film. The dialogue continues to be really strong. Specifically, the conversations between Bond and Blofeld, which I can literally hear in my head when am reading this. Added to all this is some interesting, but perhaps rather obvious plot twists if you are a bond fan.

Overall. Agent of Spectre continues to be a highlight of my month and will hopefully continue in that vein.

James Bond: Agent of Spectre #3
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