In Review: James Bond: Agent of Spectre #2

James Bond is in the USA...but NOT as part of Her Majesty's Secret Service. Shockingly, he's there as an Agent of SPECTRE
Agent of SPECTRE

Synopsis: James Bond is in the USA…but NOT as part of Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Shockingly, he’s there as an Agent of SPECTRE, sent to eliminate an upstart rival SPECTRE boss at the bidding of Ernest Blofeld himself! The leverage Blofeld has against Bond is a threat to the life of one of the few people in the world Bond can trust… but that friend may have the interests of Bond’s target as the higher priority!


The Story

Bond is now an agent of Spectre and his mission is to kill a lady called Tatiana Jones. Furthermore, only M and Money Penny know that Bond is working for Blofeld. They have been told to expose him as a dirty spy if he is caught. To begin his mission. Bond has to undergo a briefing from Blofeld about the comings and goings on Tatiana’s estate. To that end, Bond successfully infiltrates her estate and kills her husband, and makes it look like a Ukrainian hit.


The Artwork

Luca Casalanguida provides some pretty good art for this issue. And his take on Bond kind of looks like an older Sean Connery from his ‘Never Say Never Again’ era. Thankfully, the story of this comic is better than that one. There’s a great sequence of panels where Bond makes the hit on Tatiana’s husband. The artist manages to convey the frantic panic that Bond’s surprise attack creates. It’s very well done.



Writer Christos N. Gage has managed to come up with a storyline that would be worthy of an actual bond movie. I love the fact that Bond is essentially acting as a double agent. I also quite enjoyed the fact that he employs the methods of a rival secret service in order to kill one of his intended target.

The briefing at the start of the comic in which it is Blofeld feeding Bond information was incredibly well written and well thought out.

Overall. A great issue. Bring on issue three.



James Bond: Agent of Spectre #2 is out tomorrow in all good comics stores. It is available digitally here at Comixology. 

James Bond: Agent of Spectre #2
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