In Review: James Bond (2019-) #6

Bond and Ms. Keys face off against Kananga aka Mr. Big.

Synopsis: Bond and Ms. Keys face off against Mr. Big.


The Story

Bond has been captured by Mr. Big and Ms. Keys is ordered to go after him. ‘M’ is shocked to learn that Mr. Big is alive and asks Ms. Keys to go after Bond with due haste. Eventually, Bond escapes and he and Ms. Keys meet up and proceed to go after Mr. Big whose taste for marine life has not dwindled.


The Artwork

Erica D’Urso gets to have a lot of fishy fun with the artwork and manages to give us a great action sequence in which Mr. Big whacked James Bond across the face with a wet fish. I also really enjoyed the panel where we see both Bond and Ms. Keys kick down some double doors as they rush to intercept and hopefully catch Mr. Big. I also enjoyed the sequence of panels at the start of the issue in which Bond’s last encounter with Mr. Big in the movie ‘Live and Let Die’ is documented.



This issue concluded the story arc in a big way. Seeing Mr. Big again and in a comic book series is a pretty big deal. Especially given that that the character is perhaps one of the best remembered from 007’s past movie adventures. Initially, I was a little concerned about how the characterization of Mr. Big would come across, but thanks to the skilled writing of Vita Ayala and Danny Lore. I needn’t have worried. They did such a great job with Mr. Bigs’ dialogue that I could almost hear the distinguished voice of Yaphet Kotto in my head while I was reading.

Overall. An enjoyable Bond adventure with a surprise villain in the form of Mr. Big. Hopefully, Dynamite will be able to bring a few more memorable villains back in future issues.

Issue 6 of ‘James Bond’ will hit comic book stores this Wednesday.

James Bond (2019-) #6
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