In Review: James Bond (2019-) #5

007 continues his reluctant partnership while navigating the art world.

Synopsis: Fakes are everywhere. 007 has no clue who to trust. His training and intuition are all that stand between the shadows and the light.


The Story

While continuing their investigation at a New York Gallery Exhibition in Harlem James Bond and Miss Keys admire the art. Bond is trying to fake interest while Ms. Keys is admiring the skills of a very good forger. When that forger shows up and takes interest in Ms. Keys. Bond takes his cue to do a little investigating of his own to try and find out who is behind the whole deal.


The Artwork

Eric Gapstur gives us some wonderful panels this month as the action heats up and we finally find out who the main villain of the piece is and it is a villain that fans of the Bond films will know well. Gapstur’s drawing of this villain is a tad more imposing than the movie version and he also has less hair.

I absolutely loved the panels in which we see Ms. Keys prove that she is much more than an art appraiser as she engages in some facial reconstruction on her new lady friend. The way the action is drawn is absolutely wild. We get one brief panel where both women are in silhouette while preparing to strike each other.

We also get a gorgeous final page to close out on in which we see Bond tied to a chair while the shadowing figure of the big bad is looming over him. The detail of the room that bond is in is absolutely sumptuous. Particularly the imposing mural of Poseidon with a trident, which is in the background.



It has been a long wait of roughly three months for this issue to be released, but it has proved more than worth it. Vita Ayala and Danny Lore continue to work well together. I loved the brief sequence at the beginning where Bond and Ms. Keys are discussing the pictures in the gallery. The banter between them is so good that I can almost imagine both Danny Lore and Vita Ayala running through the dialogue between them to figure to add authenticity to it.

We get similar banter between Ms. Keys and her opponent later on in the comic when the two fight. This was more like Crystal Carrington and Alexis Colby Carrington having a catfight in Dynasty, but with a better arsenal of moves and weapons. As in less hair pulling and more punching, kicking, and kung fu like action. It was pure gold dust and so well written with the catty remarks.

With the reveal of the big bad. I can’t wait to see how this all pans out in next month’s issue because this story is really starting to heat up. Bond better hope that there are not any swamps nearby if he is going by past experiences.

James Bond (2019-) #5
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