In Review: James Bond (2019-) #2

A fake is only the beginning…James Bond is forced into a world he doesn’t understand.

Synopsis: A fake is only the beginning…James Bond is forced into a world he doesn’t understand. Counterfeits, smuggling, following impossible trails to invisible villains. Can he learn to trust others for help, or will the mission leave him behind?

Review: This issue focuses on Bond having to get used to working with Miss Keyes.

The Story

Having bumped into Miss Keyes in the opening issue. Bond and the Insurance investigator are brought to MI6 where we learn that Miss Keyes has a prior history with M. As he is debriefed. Bond is told that he will have to team with Keyes for his next mission, which takes him to Amsterdam. As a means to get to know each other on the train. Keye engages Bond in a game of cards. But things are not so pleasant when they get to their destination and things go a little south.

The Artwork

Eric Gapstur’s art is probably the strongest aspect of this issue as he gets to draw various locations. I really enjoyed the sequence of panels set on the train where Bond, Keyes and her assistant were playing cards. The reveal that Keye’s partner was cheating was something that I saw coming, but the way it was drawn was rather smooth. The panels set at the art gallery in Amsterdam were also nicely done, but with minimal trappings. Making it a somewhat clean scene with people standing around with wine glasses in a big room with pictures hanging. Which was all that was needed.


Vita Ayala and Danny Lore have delivered an issue here which is basically about Bond and Keyes getting used to working together, which kind of made it feel like they were treading water a little bit. That said we are given an incentive to come back next month as we are left with a pretty good cliffhanger.

James Bond (2019-) #2
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