In Review: James Bond (2019-) #1

A solid first issue, which does great work of establishing some of the supporting characters before introducing Bond.

Synopsis: When a priceless piece of art is found to be fake, investigations lead down a rabbit hole of international crime and corruption. But what the hell does James Bond know about the world of art forgery?

Review: A solid first issue, which does great work of establishing some of the supporting characters before introducing Bond.

The Story

This story kicks off with Bond up to his usual tricks but having to make a sudden exit when the lady’s boyfriend or husband shows up. From that point on. We don’t see James Bond again to the final page, but instead, start out at an art museum where a furious art owner is threatening to sue the museum curator because of claims that his painting is a fake. It is at this point that we are introduced to Brandy Keys, who is both an insurance investigator and an art expert. Miss Keys confirms the curator’s thoughts on the painting and proceeds to start an investigation, which eventually sees her and her colleague, who is along to both provide his insights and skills as a thief in order to aid the investigation.

Between them, they decide that the painting was most likely switched with a fake while it was in transit and proceed to look for the driver, which leads them to a certain MI6 agent.

The Artwork

Eric Gapstur provides some great art for this opening issue and sets things up really well. The introduction of Bond in this issue is very much in line with how he’d often be introduced in some of the films, which was quite refreshing to see because the bedroom antics of 007 have been decidedly cut back on in the movies. I loved the series of panels, which see Bond leaping out of a window and running across a few rooftops in order to get away from the possessive husband.

The characters are well-drawn. As were the various locations, which included a very messy office. Gapstur draws messy office’s well. I can only assume he has seen a few in his time.


This is a promising opening issue with some engaging and fun characters. I really liked the part where Brandy was asking her colleague how he’d have gone about stealing the painting. At which point he gives her three very different scenarios in how he’d go about it.

I’m looking forward to getting more of this series as it comes out and can’t wait to see what the writing team of Vita Ayala and Danny Lore will come up with next.

James Bond (2019-) #1
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