In Review: iZombie, Episode 29 “Pour Some Sugar, Zombie”

Some good arc elements, but this week's mystery was weak.

iZombie, Episode 29 “Pour Some Sugar, Zombie” Broadcast on March 29, 2016

Written by Diane Ruggiero-Wright

Directed by Mairzee Almas

“Previously on iZombie,” Clive thinks that Blaine is a serial killer, Dale shows Clive a picture of Major with Blaine, Major becomes the “Chaos Killer” disposing of zombies for Vaughn Armstrong, Liv learns boyfriend Drake is working for the city’s utopium seller, Blaine orders Major to take out Drake, Blaine becomes a zombie again and he takes Ravi’s experimental anti-zombie death serum — though it may not work.

“Shake N Wake”: One of Blaine’s underlings gets frightened because his boss isn’t waking up, though does so after being shaken. However, Blaine doesn’t seem like himself. While Liv prepares to take a shower, Rita enters the apartment using her old key. She goes to the refrigerator in search of brains, not noticing that someone is behind her. She’s drugged unconscious by the man and taken out, but not before dropping her scarf. Leaving the bathroom, Liv spots the scarf and wonders where it came from. Her thoughts are interrupted by Major and Ravi carrying in some of Peyton’s boxes: she’s moving back in with Liv. Once done, they relax for a few moments until Peyton gets a call from a distraught woman. Her name is Cassidy and she wants to spill the beans on her boyfriend, Nick the Stick, who Peyton wants to learn about as part of the case she’s putting together. A car pulls alongside the woman, who’s upset she caught Nick cheating on her, and a passenger leans out with a tire iron and brains her. Cue opening title sequence.

“Mailboxed, etc”: Liv, Ravi, and Clive are at the crime scene with the detective telling the other two he’s waiting to see where Nick’s court mandated ankle bracelet says he was last night at the time of the murder. Clive gets a call: Nick was in the area. In the morgue, Liv says wants to eat a recently arrived hiker’s brain so she can exercise more. However, Peyton shows up asking Liv to eat Cassidy’s brain to get intel for her case. Ravi leaves the pair alone, exiting in a very memorable way. Liv makes her meal and just after one bite, Peyton is in her face. “And?” Cue first commercial break.

The parts of this episode that dealt with season arc plot lines were good, though the mystery was very basic. Having Liv behave like a stripper was hilarious only at the beginning of the episode as she was unintentionally making Peyton uncomfortable. After this, Liv became a stereotype of a brassy mouthed, read: “9 p.m. appropriate”, stripper. When the story focused on Lorelei for a few minutes, Jessica Lu stole her scene. That was the only part of the episode that was funny after Liv and Peyton’s scene. The drama in this episode was heavy duty with Major and Ravi having a killer scene, and Blaine having some huge upcoming issues.

The good: Rahul Kohli, Robert Buckley, David Anders, Jessica Lu, the surprise return of a fun character from Season One, the song by Nelly, and the final five minutes.

Fun lines: “Hooray for dumb criminals,” “Stash house,” “That’s what I’m talking about. White and tight,” “Forty?”, “Oh-livia,” “Coming, Destiny,” “Mama wants some pepperoni,” “Okay, that did deserve a build up,” and “874224.”

The bad: The mystery of this episode came off as a filler. The brain Liv ate didn’t really contribute much to solving the mystery and the humor it could have created was minimal. Plus, it interrupted the flow of where the drama was going.

The final lines: Some good arc elements, but this week’s mystery was weak. Overall grade: C+

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