In Review: iZombie, Episode 28 “He Blinded Me With Science”

Lots of forward movement in several stories, but Rita is the one to watch!

iZombie, Episode 28 “He Blinded Me With Science” Broadcast on March 22, 2016

Written by John Enbom

Directed by Dan Etheridge

“Previously on iZombie“, it’s learned that once Super Max enters a body it increases one’s abilities…even if he or she is a zombie, Liv finds out that Gilda is Rita and kicks her out of her apartment with a punch to the face, Blaine comes into competition with another Utopium seller, gets caught, and has his throat cut in the woods. He emerges from his grave in the forest.

“The Meal’s On the Bus”: Blaine has an awkward conversation with a fellow passenger on a bus. Liv tells Ravi all about Gilda/Rita while working in the morgue. To get her to stop raving, he gives her some brain of the female burn victim he’s working on. Clive comes in after her meal to take her along as he interviews a suspect in the burn victim’s death. Just after they exit, Blaine bursts in to the morgue asking for brains. “You’ve reverted to zombie form,” Ravi says. Blaine responds, “Well if I haven’t things have just gotten kinky.” Cue opening title sequence.

“Feed Me, See Morgue”: Ravi gives Blaine the bad news about Rat B’s death: it reverted back to zombie form before dying–This looks to be Blaine and Major’s fate. Blaine tells him to keep working on a cure, because if Seattle’s local brain supplier dies there’s a lot of zombies that are going to get hungry quickly. Clive and Liv go to Annie’s house to question her: she had a severe reaction to the dead doctor’s acne medicine, resulting in her face being horribly scarred; they think she may have set the doctor on fire as payback. When the door opens they’re shocked: she has no facial scars and is attractive. At Max Rager Headquarters, CEO Vaughn is happily downing a Super Max energy drink as Major comes in. He’s been summoned to pick up the next list of zombies he needs to kill. Rita’s called in to bring the list and this causes Major to ask if Vaughn has trust issues, since she was living with Liv. Vaughn says he could care less, which prompts Major to ask if he told her to sleep with him. “You slept with my daughter?” Rita enters the room with sunglasses on. Vaughn takes them off and sees the shiner she’s sporting. Major giggles and this sets off Vaughn, who throws items at him with superhuman speed. Major hightails it out of the office after getting the list. Back at his funeral home, Blaine enters and tells him men that they’re shutting down their operations for a while. At police headquarters, Dale pulls Clive aside to tell him that her agents raided a cabin owned by Blaine’s father and found human brains. Worse still, they learn that the brain they thought was a cow brain was actually a human brain. Who would falsify that kind of paperwork? Cue first commercial break.

There are several of this season’s story lines in this episode. First, is Blaine possibly dying?; second, Liv is having questions about her boyfriend; third, her boyfriend Drake is in quite the pickle; fourth, Dale and Clive learn the truth about brains; and fifth, Rita has a major change in character. It was nice to Clive able to solve a mystery without any psychic help from Liv, showing that he is a capable detective in his own right. Blaine was again the character a viewer can love to hate. The highlight of the episode was Steven Weber and Leanne Lapp. They stole the show with their final scenes and I have to give big thumbs up to John Enbom for going there. Her final entrance was great work by director Etheridge. I also like what happened to Drake. His situation is going to relight tension between two of the leads, and I can’t wait.

The good: Steven Weber, Leanne Lapp, David Anders, and all the elements that moved this season’s many arcs forward.

Fun lines: “You Americans and your violence,” “Six! You’re welcome!”, “When you assume…”, “Literally the stuff of nightmares,” “Rationalization isn’t just a river in Egypt,” “Back in the brain gang,” and “LET ME IN!”

The bad: This was not a new viewer-friendly episode. It’s good if you’ve been following along this season, but this was not a place a jump in.

The final line: Lots of forward movement in several stories, but Rita is the one to watch! Overall grade: B 

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