In Review: iZombie, Episode 13 “Blaine’s World”

An outstanding finale for an outstanding new show.

iZombie, Episode 13, “Blaine’s World” Broadcast June 9, 2015


Written by Rob Thomas

Directed by Michael Fields

“Previously on iZombie”, Liv learns that energy drink Max Rager turns some people into zombies, she kills the zombie she accidentally created that was a hit man hired by the company to kill her, Peyton learns the truth about Liv’s new undead life, Teresa is tricked into going to a hotel and to her death, Major is caught snooping by Julien who tells his boss, “This is the guy who took our brains.” Minutes later, Blaine asks Evan how soon he can start to work at his butcher shop after learning Liv is his sister. “Major Cold Spell”: Julien goes through Major’s car after checking his house — no astronaut brains. He reveals to Blaine that Major must have connected him to the missing runaways because of the shoes he took. Blaine realizes Major still has the brains because “they’re the proof we exist.” In the freezer, Major tells the zombie what he can kiss. “I’m the Mick Jagger here,” Blaine says. “Time is on my side.” He closes the door on the freezing man and the opening title sequence begins.

“And Then There Was One”: Teresa’s body is in the morgue where Clive is telling Liv and Ravi how she ended up there. She was gong to meet Cameron, who was going to find Sebastian (the hit man-zombie killed by Liv in the previous episode) who killed their cheerleader friend when he went zombie. Cameron’s DNA was found in the hotel where Teresa was bludgeoned to death. With Clive gone, Liv gets to eating Teresa’s brain. While she’s eating, Ravi discovers his zombie rat has returned to normal after receiving what he believes is a cure for zombism. After he tests the rat, he plans to cure Liv, but it will take a few months. She’s not happy and looks at the rat. “Rub it in you smug little–” and she gets a vision. Teresa see a rat and finds a wallet. Liv now realizes who’s killing the kids — Vaughn, the CEO of Max Rager. She tells Clive that she saw Sebastian’s wallet which contains the thumbdrive proving the company knows its product can kill. At Max Rager headquarters, the CEO and the new head of research watch a video from earlier of zombie Sebastian being questioned by the old head of research, Dr. Yeltsin. “Can’t imagine why he’s given up (his position),” says the newbie and then watches in horror as Sebastian grabs the doctor’s head and smashes it repeatedly into the table. Cue first commercial break.

A lot happens in this episode and it’s impossible to discuss any part of the last thirty minutes without ruining anything, so I’m going to have to be vaguer than usual. Liv, has a lot of ups and downs, with the ending being gut-wrenching; Ravi is still nursing a broken heart with Peyton’s departure; Major and Blaine, I can’t say anything. Steven Weber continues to be wonderful as smug Vaughn, with his final words being fun and evil. All the actors were terrific, and I and my daughter both screamed at what Rose McIver and Robert Buckley go through. This was a finale, but is far from the end for Liv.

The good: Rose McIver, Robert Buckley, David Anders, and Malcolm Goodwin (who got an excellent hardballer scene, which was long overdue). The constant twists and turns of this script which had conclusions for certain stories, but created new troubles for the next season (which is going to happen–the show was renewed!). Brilliant use of the songs Blue Velvet and Der Kommissar.

Fun lines: “I love the moxie”, “I’ll doubt I’ll even notice the difference,” “This Indian mustard you brought in sucks donkey parts,” “I am disgusting,” “It’s science. You need to break a few eggs,” “Who writes this stuff?”, “Okay, just put the gun…”, “You did,” “Trust me, we’re just getting started,” “I hope you can forgive me,” and “No.”

The bad: I got nothing. It was all good.

The final line: An outstanding finale for an outstanding new show. Fans have got a lot to chew on waiting for the next season. Overall grade: A+

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