In Review: iZombie, Episode 11 “Astroburger”

The season arc progresses strongly as Daran Norris steals the episode.

iZombie, Episode 11 “Astroburger” Broadcast on May 28, 2015

Written by Kit Boss

Directed by Michael Fields

“Previously on iZombie“, Liv is shown at the Washington Lake Massacre when Blaine turns her, she realizes Blaine kills teenagers for their brains, boyfriend Lowell is killed by Blaine as Liv watches from afar, a powerful and rich zombie puts in a request for an astronaut’s brain to Blaine, Major checks himself into a mental hospital after believing he never shot Julien Dupont three times in the chest, and once in the hospital a peer named Scott E. asks him if he saw Dupont’s red eyes: “Freakin’ zombies!” “Game Over, Man”: Major is woefully out of place among those with serious mental conditions. He goes in search of Scott E. to play chess and finds him in his bathtub with his wrists slit. “I need some help in here!” he screams. Cue opening title sequence.

“Meals on Wheels”: As Scott E. is wheeled out in a body bag, Clive brings Liv up to speed on him. She shows him a bag containing a toothbrush the young man made into a shiv. Ravi appears out of the bathroom saying Scott E. didn’t kill himself. The rose color of the tub’s water tells him that the dead man had already expired or was nearly dead when he was put in the tub. The case is now a murder they need to investigate, starting with Major. He and Liv are happy to see each other. Major tells Clive that a “friend with benefits”–Brie–visited Scott E. last, but they had an argument, and “Brie has a lot of ‘friends.'” Babineaux states an orderly told him that Major got frustrated once or twice with Scott E. This insinuation causes Major to cop an attitude with Clive. “It’s a mental hospital,” the detective responds. “Everyone’s a suspect.” Talking to Dr. Larson, Liv and Clive learn that the victim was in the hospital because he witnessed the Washington Lake Massacre. Away from the doctor, Liv goes back to Major, apologizing for Babineaux going Joe Friday on him. He tells Liv that Scott E. said he saw zombies the night of the massacre and got video of them on his cellphone. He gave the phone to someone who works on TV. “Like I said,” he confesses to his ex-fiancée, “crazy, right?” Cue first commercial break.

This clever episode nicely combined elements from previous episodes into the current drama and threats occurring in Liv’s afterlife. This episode continued to explore Major’s questioning of his own sanity, which features a spectacular scene that will leave fans crying in disbelief. Stealing a few initial scenes was a talking inanimate object. It was funny at first, but its responses got cheesy–no pun intended. The big plus of the episode was guest star Daran Norris returning as Johnny Frost, the weatherman from the first episode. His name might be more recognizable to fans because of this voice work on The Fairly OddParents or Team America: World Police. He was a show stopper as Johnny was extremely loose around Liv with some terrific lines and some painful dance moves. He was the highpoint of the episode. The regular cast members were also strong: Rose McIver got to show Liv going out of her mind, Robert Buckley got to hit every button for viewer sympathy, Rahul Kohli and Aly Michallka seemed to be having a blast with Ravi and Peyton dating, and David Anders was growing as a major threat to everyone as Blaine. The ending of the episode is a two-fisted punch with Major’s actions and Liv’s realization. Big thumbs up to Kit Boss for a great story.

The good: The story, the actors, especially Daran Norris–who must return in some way, the horribly fun pun-title of the episode, and the ramping up of tension between Blaine and Liv.

Fun lines: “Hey, stranger!”, “Must stay. Please,” “Vertigo virgin,” “Why are we whispering?”, “Long time, sister,” “After you,” “Kirk or Picard? Ren or Stimpy?”, “This whole neighborhood is about to get a contact high,” “Here’s Satan!”, “Tell me why…?”, “Better,” “Oh…My…God,” and “Don’t worry. I’m gonna kill ’em. I’m gonna kill ’em all.”

The bad: Scott E., we hardly knew ye, and the talking inanimate object.

The final line: The season arc progresses strongly as Daran Norris steals the episode. Overall grade: A-

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