In Review: Iron Sky – The Coming Race

Twenty years after the events of Iron Sky, the former Nazi Moonbase has become the last refuge of humankind.

Synopsis: Twenty years after the events of Iron Sky, the former Nazi Moonbase has become the last refuge of humankind. Earth was devastated by nuclear war but buried deep under the wasteland lies a power that could save the last of humanity or destroy it once and for all.

Review: Having seen and rather enjoyed the first ‘Iron Sky’ movie as a wacky satire. I was hoping that I’d enjoy this sequel, but unfortunately, this second film went beyond my threshold for appreciating the absurd.

The Story

20 – years have passed since the moon Nazi’s invaded Earth and pretty much decimated the planet save for a few survivors that went to the Moon and set up a home in the old Nazi base, which was on the dark side of the moon.

The story is told through the diary entries of Obi who is a scrappy young woman with a gift for being able to fix most mechanical and technical things. When a ship starts to approach the moonbase Obi’s mother, who is the leader of the remaining humans takes the defensive, but Obi has other ideas and takes steps to allow the craft to land.

Onboard the old ship is a contingent of human beings from Russia, who have come to the moon in order to make a new life but have unknowingly allowed the Moon Fuhur tag along with them. While admiring and trying to figure out how the Russian mechanic Sasha made the old ship spaceworthy. Obi sees the Moon Fuhur leave the ship and follows him.

From this point on the movie becomes totally absurd as Obi, Sasha and a group of religious fanatics that worship Steve Jobs and the closed system of Apple Computers go back to the earth where they meet a bunch of lizard humanoids that bare a very strong resemblance to past dictators. Among them is Hitler of course. Things quickly escalate as Obi and her friends engage in a race against time to retrieve an ancient relic from the Earth before the Moon Fuhur and his reptilian allies can get a hold of it.

The Acting

The acting in this film is surprisingly good given that the plot would test most peoples appreciation of the absurd. Lara Rossi is very relatable as Obi, who seems to be the only character in the entire movie that possesses any form of common sense and intelligence. Vladimir Burlakov is well cast as Sasha, who seems to have much in common with Obi.

Tom Green also puts in a performance as Donald. Who is a religious leader that worships Steve Jobs and the closed system of Apple Computers.


This movie sadly fails in surpassing or improving on the first movie in terms of satire or commentary of any kind. Instead, it just goes beyond absurdity into uber absurdity. While I do enjoy a silly movie such as Sharknado and any number of other things like that. This second ‘Iron Sky’ movie just failed to hit the spot for me

Generally. The acting performances were pretty good. But the problem was in the plot and the fact that the humor and gags in the movie film have not really moved on that much since the 2012 original.

Only rent or get this. If you are blind drunk or completely stoned on hallucinogenics.

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